Gay marriage approved…but is the fight over?

Last Thursday I got a text message saying that same-sex couples are
now legally allowed to get married. I was really happy when I read that.
I called my Mom and my sister and told them, and they were happy too.
I think it’s safe to say that most gay and lesbian people
are incredibly happy, but I’m curious as to how many people are
actually a bit afraid about what this incredible event could bring to our

    I didn’t even think about it until I read this line in an article
 from which read, "…this week's California Supreme Court 
ruling shows that laws alone banning such
 unions are not enough.”It only reinforces what we've been saying all
 along,”  Rep. P. Eric Turner, R-Marion, said of the decision. 
"We need a constitutional amendment."”.

 Banning such unions are not enough? Are you serious? Is it just me 
or does that sound kindof scary? Here’s what I’m
 thinking, people tried hard to keep us from getting married, and 
in my mind and I’m sure other peoples’, we didn’t think it would 
happen this fast, especially since a
majority of California’s votes were against it,
 but now that it has  happened, and against most of the peoples’ votes,
 what are they going to do? 

 I really don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my opinion and 
hopes. I believe that any human being on this planet
 deserves the same rights as anyone else. Screw anyone who thinks differently.
 Why should I fight harder to give my future lady the kind of protection
 and support she needs when I die? Why can’t I give our future kids all
 the benefits my family should receive? We all live here, we are all
 human, and we all pay our damn taxes, why shouldn’t I get the same treatment
 and protection as a straight woman or man? 

 But see, here’s the thing, I’ve seen the ugly side. And I can’t help but 
feel like it can only get uglier. In my  opinion,
 the fight is only getting hotter, and I feel like it’s burning on the
 wrong end. The opposing people who feel strongly about this, will only
 make their voice louder, and i fear as a result there will be more violence 
towards out community. But that’s only my opinion. Am I being too negative 
thinking that this is bittersweet? I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to see.

 But on a brighter note, Dude, I can get married!

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