At the Immigrant Rights Rally… A Call to End the War in Iraq as well


May 1st was a pretty intense day for everyone who went to the march and supporting immigrants. It was a day where thousands supported immigrant rights. A variety of people from all over the world decided to go and protest, not just only for their rights but also how they want to end the war in Iraq. Everybody supported each other and stood up for what they want and can make a big difference that might benefit everyone. There were many ways that people demonstrated themselves that they‘re strong and if they keep on doing protest or marching there can be a hope that everyone can have the right to work, education, and even ending the war in Iraq.

A variety of people came out and expressed themselves by showing posters demonstrating “LEGALIZE LA” and “End The War in Iraq.” This states that immigrants aren’t just fighting for immigration rights, and education but also for ending the War in Iraq. The message was really clear that immigrants want some type of immigration reform, as well as peace in other countries. The importance is to get the message out. The good news about the rallies what was that everything was peaceful.

[PHOTO: Youth Radio L.A. reporter Araceli Romero interviews a May Day participant.]


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