Tomorrow is May 1st

[image above: May Day marches in Los Angeles in 2006]

April 30th, 2008.

People are planning to mobilize in Los Angeles in recognition of workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, and in solidarity with those who make global consumer culture and economy churn everyday. Los Angeles May Day has taken on the character of justice and support for Immigrant’s rights.

As we prepare for the May Day marches, many of us are remembering a peaceful event that that was spoiled by police hostilities and physical violence last year in MacArthur Park. Adolfo Guzmán-Lopéz of public radio station KPCC, 89.3FM was on the scene as his fellow reporter Patricia Nazario was among those who suffered at the hands of the LAPD…

“Officers hit a television cameraman on the ground and threw his camera. KPCC’s Patricia Nazario sustained injuries to her hand, ribs, and ankles from a police baton shortly after she filed the live report from the rally. All the journalists were treated at hospitals and released…Chief Bratton said L.A.P.D. officers asked protest organizers to help clear MacArthur Park.”

We can expect that the LAPD will be more careful this time around. Our own Luis Sierra was at the MacArthur Park protest last year when the police began to corral and assault marchers and journalists. In this story that he filed for Radio Juventud en español, luis-habla-del-lapd and for local station KCRW in English, luis-on-lapd Luis laments that the meaning of the marches was lost in the outrage over the violence.


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