From Downtown Los Angeles on May Day 2008

3:39pm, dowtown Los Angeles, California

Our reporters are out joining the May 1st marches in solidarity with immigrant workers and calling for immigration reform, happening in Downtown L.A. right now. Helicopters are swooping over 5th and Broadway where three marches are converging. Out producer on the ground there says LAPD police security is high, but that the cops look confused. Maybe it has to do with LAPD’s reformed approach to dealing with marchers and protesters, as KPCC reporter Frank Stoltz outlines in his story today on the anniversary of the May Day Melee.

We’ve assigned our Youth Radio reporters to talk to police officers about how they feel presiding over the marches this year after the violence they perpetrated against reporters and peaceful marchers last year. We also are interested in how many police officers have friends and family who are immigrants from otehr countries, and what they have to say about their position on issues of status and reform.

According to Youth Radio producer Clare Robbins, some three thousand American Apparel employees are marching at Pershing Square near the Los Angeles Public Library where police are running in circles and looking generally confused about what their next move should be.

But lest we lose perspective while we are following events on the ground, here is a radio-juventud-interview about immigrants’ rights and public education from Radio Juventud’s Araceli Romero and Jacquelin Guzman, both of whom are undocumented students in Los Angeles.


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