My Neighborhood, My Self

By Nalani Melo

I have lived in Pasadena for the past 18 years of my life; meaning since I was born. Pasadena is a very nice city (at times I like to refer to it as a town because it sometimes has that small town feeling to it). After growing up in this “town”, I have realized that Pasadena has truly had an influenced on who I am today. At the same time, its not only the city itself that has affected me but the other Pasadenians. In Pasadena we have all kinds of people; different races, different styles, different cultures but at times social class seems to be a major category that keeps them separated. In Pasadena I have learned to value who I am and that there honestly is no need to pretend to be someone else or from some different neighborhood (in Pasadena). I am a lower middle class young mexican artist of the city of Pasadena and I am no longer going to be afraid to show it. Not even in classy, upper class, modern and sometimes boring Pasadena. But in the end, I will always want to come back to my little corner of my little town.

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