Democratic Candidates and Same Sex Marriage

By Anne Santos


This whole time I thought the Democratic candidates backed same-sex marriage because I have read about their opinions on the LGBT community and they were all pretty positive. But, now I see that while they do want to help our community, like backing us up to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” and , they still have a problem with same sex marriage. Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama stated, “…what I’m interested in is making sure that those legal rights are available to people.”. They want to give us the same perks heterosexual couples already have, but still they fall short.

Obviously, I like where they’re going with this, especially since they are trying to help our community out, but I really don’t understand why they still can’t make same-sex marriages legal. doing what they’re doing is the equivalent of filling up a tank but letting it read empty. They’re giving us so much hope, giving us things we’ve been fighting for, but in the end, we still lose the big fight, in my opinion at least. I think it’s pretty stupid to let us take all the tiny steps, and act as though we are married, and for some reason, we still we are not granted the title.


From The Editor:

Gay marriage is often used as a campaign rally point for conservative bases during election seasons. Angel Hernandez and Marvin Alvarado of Youth Radio DC weigh in the gay marriage controversy. Check our their video commentary.


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