Communication Across Borders – Call for Contributors

Roosevelt High School students in Los Angeles sent Audiopostales “audio postcards” – to youth in Mexico City in a special Youth Radio program in Fall 2006.

Youth Radio Los Angeles is home to a our Spanish-language programming- Radio Juventud. AudioPostales is a cross-border radio project of Radio Juventud that allows bilingual youth in Tijuana, Baja California and Mexico City to collaborate with bilingual youth in Los Angeles, CA.

The conversations between participants dealt with everything from gender roles, lucha libre, homophobia in D.F., growing up in East Los Angeles, diabetes, and Mexican presidential elections.

Here is what one participant, Evelyn Xiomara Martinez, wrote on her blog about the importance of using digital media to connect young people across borders.

!La CoMmUnIcAsIoN pArA mI!

Para mi, la comunicación digital se significa mucho. Este medio de comunicación es maravillosamente increible porque para la gente que tiene aceso al internet, se puede comunicarse con otra gente al otro lado de la frontera o hasta del mar. Y todavia nosotros podemos saber que es lo que esta pasando y la verdad es que es muy agradale saber que gracias a esto medio nos podemos communicarnos gratis.

We’re launching a new project that promises to connect young people around to globe in conversations about the U.S. presidential elections.
Keep reading to find out how YOU can get involved!

Call for Contributors: Audio needed for Youth Radio/Youth Media International web feature on “Global Youth Perspectives on the U.S. Presidential Election.”

What we need: Broadcast-quality audio vox (“(wo)man on the street” responses) from youth around the world who are of voting or near-voting age (15-30).

  • We REALLY appreciate any youth contributions, voices, and insights local reporters can share with us. We feel it’s important that audiences here in the United States understand that communities around the world are affected by who they choose to vote for.
  • Since we do not want to assume that English-speakers make a representative sample of youth around the world, we’d be glad to receive audio in people’s native language, provided the reporter/producer could send us a translation with out too much trouble.

If you are at all interested in participating in this project, please e-mail if you have any questions about this project.


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