Latinos, Race and the Elections – a sneak preview

By Lizbeth Ayala (reporter) and Clare Robbins (producer)

LIZBETH: Here’s a quick preview to a story that I’m working on! The main question of the piece: is Barack Obama’s candidacy revealing different attitudes towards Blacks from young and old Latinos? Is it because younger Latinos have more experiences with the African American community than their older generations?

I listened to a couple of stories on NPR and this is what I thought. I was surprised to hear that one study in Durham, North Carolina found that the majority of Latino immigrants there say they identify more with whites, and have a more unfavorable view of African Americans. And I wonder why is that?

CLARE: Another question is: how will this play out in the elections? And is the bias identified in this story true in states like Texas, where it’s thought that a large Latino vote will go to Hillary Clinton? Is this something that is more common among older generations, whereas younger Latinos may not share that feeling towards Black people.

LIZBETH: To me it seems like the media makes this whole presidential election season all about race issues.  Also one thing that I found interesting was that, according to Luis Clemens – who runs the website Candidato USA–  most young Latino voters are more likely to vote with the Democratic Party, and that the older Latinos are most likely to be Republican.

CLARE: Looking ahead, we hope to talk with young and old Latinos alike about what it means to them that we might see the first African American president. Stay tuned for more on this story!


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